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Chinafore is a professional manufacturer and exporter of hardware and parts for ventilation and refrigeration systems(HVAC), which is located in Hangzhou city, China. 

Here, We are very proud to introduce our complete range of ventilation products including Air valve, Air diffusion, Flexible Ducting, Pressed fitting and ducting accessories, etc...

We are also manufacturer and supplier of air conditioning parts, including condensate drain pump, vacuum pump, manifold gauge, A/C brackets, refrigeration gas, cooper tube and fittings, thermometer, capicitor and etc. 

With experience of more than 10 years, we are exporting overseas such as Europe, South America, North Africa etc. We have a strong design team, mass production capabilities, the standard quality control procedures, logistics services, after-sales service, all of which allows us to provide more effective solutions to demand for cost savings and the strict quality control from clients. 

Quality is the enterprise's life, we know the importance and make it. Our team have professional staff to regular check to prohibit any inferior products into warehouse, standard operating procedures, and profound research, qualified production processes and strict quality control in order to ensure delivery to the client the perfect product. 

We will provide safe, efficient, reliable and a full range of logistics services. And our company have team of senior professionals with rich professional knowledge and years of practical experience, timely shipping to collect the latest information, accurately keep the market conditions and inform customers in a timely manner, for international transport on a number of specific issues that may arise. We will timely and safely delivery to the clients, and meet their specified logistics needs and growing demands. 

We will provide tailored services to each client. And we always aim at helping our custmer maximum benefits. We study customers satisfactory reserch to have your feedback acting as our improved gudiance. 

We trust through our comprehensive consideration, persistent endeavor, professional coordination, strict insurance that CHINAFORE may become your best partner.
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